Charter Phase-Out Survey

Much like the pre purchase inspection the Phase Out survey is designed to give deep insight into the condition of the vessel and her systems. Inspections/reports provide the client and the charter companies with detailed information to assist with the final maintenance and repairs that may be necessary to bring the vessel into acceptable condition.

Inspections focus on:

  • Hull, deck and internal structures (visual inspections, soundings, moisture meter readings, identification of damages and old repairs).
  • Mast, standing rigging and deck hardware (external condition, end of life, recommended maintenance).
  • Machinery (operation, installation, external condition).
  • Electrical (operation, installation to marine standards and physical condition).
  • Tankage (recording of material and capacity and external condition).
  • Waste/Sanitation (operation, fit for purpose, operating condition).
  • External Hull Fittings (visual inspections, operation, marine standards).
  • Safety (listing of equipment, date verification and fit for purpose).
  • Cooking fuel systems (condition, operation, fit for purpose).
  • Overall cosmetic condition and level of maintenance (identify areas with above average wear and tear and deterioration for age/usage).

It is highly recommended that the vessel be hauled out of the water for Phase out surveys to allow for detailed inspections of the wetted surface areas.  On completion of inspections the client will be provided with a list of findings for areas of concern.  This list can be provided to the charter company to augment their usual phase out maintenance procedures.

On completion of phase out maintenance we offer compliance inspections for our clients to ensure that the areas of concern identified in the survey have been addressed to acceptable standards.

On acceptance we offer to meet with owners at the vessel to discuss the condition of the vessel and any specific concerns.

This specific attention to detail has been one of the highlights for the boat owner’s comfort in receiving their boat, following the time within a charter fleet.


Production Fibreglass Monohulls up to 55 feet in length.  $38/ft with a minimum fee of $1,520

Production Fibreglass Multihulls up to 55 feet in length.  $41/ft with a minimum fee of $1,640

Vessel over 55 feet in length will be quoted on individually.

Compliance inspections will be invoiced at 30% of the survey invoice.