Pre-Purchase Survey

Our goal is to provide the client with a deep insight into the condition of the vessel, as to help make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Inspections focus on:

  • Hull, deck and internal structures (visual inspections, soundings, moisture meter readings, identification of damages and old repairs).
  • Mast, standing rigging and deck hardware (external condition, end of life, recommended maintenance).
  • Machinery (operation, installation, external condition).
  • Electrical (operation, installation to marine standards and physical condition).
  • Tankage (recording of material and capacity and external condition).
  • Waste/Sanitation (operation, fit for purpose, operating condition).
  • External Hull Fittings (visual inspections, operation, marine standards).
  • Safety (listing of equipment, date verification and fit for purpose).
  • Cooking fuel systems (condition, operation, fit for purpose).
  • Overall cosmetic condition and level of maintenance (identify areas with above average wear and tear and deterioration for age/usage).

It is highly recommended that the vessel is inspected in and out of the water and during sea-trials.  Arrangements need to be made with for haulouts and with the owners representative prior to the inspection.

We recommend and invite the potential buyer to be present during the survey inspection where possible.  Our surveyors have a wealth of knowledge across a broad spectrum of the marine industry which can add significant value to the buyer on the day of inspections.


Production fibreglass sailing vessels up to 55 feet in length:

  • Monohulls $38/ft, with a minimum fee of $1,520
  • Catamarans $41/ft with a minimum fee of $1,640